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Virtual Reality Goggle

Virtual Reality Goggle


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Leather 3D Cardboard Helmet Virtual Reality VR Glasses Headset Stereo Box for 4-6″ Mobile Phones

1. If this Bobovr original?
We promise all of our product in our store is original and brand new!

2. What’s Bobovr z4 3D glasses?
3D glasses is a kind of device help us enjoy 3D movie / game with our phone.

3. What kind of phone works with item?
Works for all 4′-6′ smartphone. Width less than 82mm, length less than 160mm, thickness no more than 10mm.

4. How to use?
Download the vr app (if you can’t find vr app ,please contact us ) to your phone ,open the 3D video , then put your phone into the vr box ,adjust the lenses ,you can enjoy the 3D movie.

5. What’s the FOV of BOBOVR Z4?
120 degrees FOV large field of view, adopts Japanese imported PMMA lens, with 35mm focus showing a real view, make you enjoy your private cinema.

6. Are headphone in stereo?
Yes, powerful & Stereo sound! The Built-in stretchable 3.5 mm jack earphones, with soft memory foam for noise canceling. Immersive sound and 3D vision are integrated, provides an excellent experience. 40 mm diaphragm adopts PET material.

7. Does it supports myopia?
Yes, suitable for people within 0 – 800 degrees myopia.
Adjustable pupil fit for different users, it means that if you are myopia, you can use it without wearing glasses.

8. The remote controller can play games?
The remote controller can play the normal android games and a few vr games, because most of vr game will use the Gyro of your phone to play. about the IOS system, it is a closed system, any game pad can not control the IOS completely, we just can play/stop/vol+/vol- on IOS system.

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What makes our VR special?
*Now, set our virtual reality equipments as an entry level one, 3D VR viewer is really a private cinema for you to watching IMAX 3D movies at home. There are a wide variety of VR games and other 3D experiences at the same time.

*Less than $30.00 on sale, our VR goggles offers you awe-inspiring, fantastical games, immersive stories and endless possibilities. Get all what you can from the ones cost hundreds.

*Come with the remote, our bobovr headset will make your VR journey more convenient and amazing.
*The VR Mask fits almost all people, suitable for 0-800 degrees myopia and 0-400 degree hyperopia.

*Mini VR helmet headset without headphones, protects kids from damage by sudden high volume sound; more lightweight to 330g, less pressure while more comfortable.

*Our VR helmet fits most iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, which screen size within 3.5″ to 6.2″, range in 4.7″-6.2″ maybe better, the phone body size is not bigger than: width 85mm /33.46″, length 160mm /63.00″, or width 82mm /32.30″, length 163mm /64.17″.

Model: BOBOVR Z4
Material: ABS, Foam, PC
Color: White, Black

Package Included:
1 x BOBOVR Z4 3D VR Headset
1 x Bluetooth Remote Controller
1 x User Manual
1 x Clean Cloth