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Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Vacuum Pore Cleaner


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Vacuum Pore Cleaner, Blackhead Remover, Suction Machine

1. The suction power is bigger than the traditional blackhead suction machine
2. Four levels, suitable for different part of skin
3. Four suction heads, fit for different function and skin
4. With light on the machine head, easy for you to see your skin clearly
5. With mineral microcrystalline probe, remove horny and dead skin
6. Vacuum suction system to promote skin blood circulation and lifting skin
7. Rechargeable with USB cable, you can charge in Power Bank, PC or use mobile phone charge adapter

Product Advantages:
1. Strong suction, the suction power is bigger than the traditional blackhead suction machine
2. The machine turns off in 5 minutes after full charging and enter the auto sleep mode
3. Auto protect when a short circuit start

1.Remove Blackhead, deeply clean face
2.For acne, pimple skin treatment
3.Treatment for the dry skin
4.Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin Rejuvenation
5.Treatment for the stain and dull skin, reduce skin hyperpigmentation

Package Includes:
1 x Beauty Machine, 1 x Stand Charger, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual
1 x Diamond Head, 1 x Big Hole Head, 1 x Small Hole head, 1 x Oval Hole Head, 2 Packs Filter Sponge

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How to use:
Step 1: You must use a facial steamer or hot towel for 10 minutes to warm your face and open up your facial pores.
Step 2: Apply the blackhead derives liquid on the blackhead place for 5 minutes.
Step 3: Choose a head, start with the lower suction power, moves the device along the blackhead mocation back and forth.
(Please do not stay at one spot over 3 seconds.  Remember that move the machine around in a direction along the way, don’t move back and forth)
Step 4: After use, please use a cold towel or cold mask to close your facial pores and after that apply face moisturizers.

4 Suction Heads:
Diamond head: It can scrub exfoliating the dead skin, and suck it out, so to repair skin and remove wrinkle and acne.
Big circle hole head: Powerful suction blackheads, apply to blackheads.
Small circle hole head: Suction is weak, it can be used to suck blackheads, such as thin skin, tender, allergies part.
Oval hole head: Weak suction, apply to the 2 sides of nose. Remove wrinkle. After sucking the skin, quickly unplug, unplug and then suck again. Promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, effectively removes lines wrinkle.


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