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Kids Smart Watch

Kids Smart Watch

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Android, IOS, Diggro M01 Touch Kids GPS Smart Watch

2G SIM, Calls, Chat, Anti-lost,  SOS remote, Children Safety Monitor, Health Helper

1. Double control mode
Double control mode: Mobile phone and computer GPRS.

2. GPS real- time location
Real-time Location System is more accurate than your imagine. The watch support GPS, BDS, LBS, AGPS positioning system strength the accuracy of the positioning so that you could know where your baby is at anytime.

3. Talkback
After you inserting the SIM card, the watch not only can call, also can voice micro chat, you can talk with your child whenever and wherever.

4. Healthy helper
The watch can record child’s daily steps, calories and distance every day, to help kids grow up in a happy and health way.

5. SOS for help
The child could long press the SOS button key for help when they are in danger. By the way, parents can set three SOS number on APP.

6. Safe Area
Parents can customize security range on APP, when the child beyonds the safefy zone, the APP will receice the reminder immediately. (The minimum radius of the safety area is 500 meters.)

7. Remote monitoring
Through the APP, parents can monitor the child’s location in real time, monitor the child’s calls and remote shutdown.

8. Non-disturb period
Don’t worry about disturbing the child in class time,parents can set up 3 on-disturb periods. During the periods, the watch will automatically blocked all the phone calls.

9. History Locus track
The watch can track movement route within 30 days, parents would have idea about your kid’s trajectory for nearly a month and no longer have to worry about the kids not coming home after school or wandering.

10. Built-in Camera
Parents can remote the camera on app or the child directly use it on the watch. The watch can only save one picture, when saving the new one, it will replace the old picture automatically.

11. Answer and Hang up the calls
Kids can answer and hand up the calls directly on the watch. You can add 10 phone numbers on App and then sync to the watch.

12. Make friends
Happy childhood, making friends artifacts. After two watches opening Making Friends function, it can add friends by touching lightly, watch can send voice to chat.

13. Alarm clock reminder
Alarms can be set in different time periods to let kids do it on time, as well as develop your baby keep a strong sense of time.

14. Flashlight function
Good learning help and gives the kids more safety. Don’t be afraid of the dark.

15. SMS alert
The SMS alert settings: low power, SOS, and watch unwearing.

16. Other function:
Looking for device, Games, Album, Rewards, Work mode, SMS Alerts, Weather Report, ect.

1. Support system: Android 4.0 and above, all IOS.
2. The SIM card need to get the GPRS and caller ID functions.
3. After reseting, you need to recharge it before turning on.
4. Only support 2G network SIM card.

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Q1: What kind of languages does Smart Watch support?
A:Chinese, English, Russian.

Q2: Does it support SIM card or TF card?
A:It Supports 2G SIM Card

Q3: Is there a camera on it ? How about the pixel?
A: Yes, with 8w Camera.

Q4: Can I download the application on this watch?
A: No.

Q5: Where can I know the memory size of this watch?
A:RAM/ROM 32MB+32MB, you can view on the user manual.

Q6: Can I change the strap of the smart watch?
A:The strap can not be replaced.

Q7: Does the smart watch can support iphone or Android phone?
A:It supports System: Android 4.0 and above, supports IOS.

Q8: Is it waterproof?
A:Life waterproof, but it is not suitable for wearing in swimming and bathing.

Q9: What’s the app’s name of this watch/ smart band?

Q10: How much time does this watch need to be charged?
A: About 3-5 Hours

Q11: How much time does it can be worked after fully charged?
A: Standby time is about 3 days, working time is about 2 days.


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